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Scholarships and Awards in Aging 2010-2011 Recipients

Gyro Club of Edmonton Undergraduate Scholarship in Aging (value $700)

Recipient: Valerie Fedorak
Program: BSc (Pharmacy)

Valerie is interested in practicing pharmacy and pursusing a career in research. Alternatively, she may practice home-care pharmacy.

Gyro Club of Edmonton Graduate Scholarship in Aging- Master's Level (value $1200)

Recipient: Sarah Lucas
Program: MSc (Aging)
Supervisor: Dr. Norah Keating

Sarah's thesis research is centered on the costs that family and friend caregivers experience as a result of their caregiving responsibilities; focused specifically on the domains of non-economic costs including physical health and well-being, social well-being, and mental health/emotional well-being.

Gyro Club of Edmonton Graduate Scholarship in Aging-PhD Level
(value $1200)

Recipient: Merrill Tanner
Program: PhD (Rehabilitation Science)
Supervisor: Dr. Lili Liu

Merrill's thesis topic is on the creation and testing of a singing/vocalization programme for people with Parkinson's disease.

W.W. and H.E. Trusdale Award in Gerontology (value $500)

This award provides support to a student presenting their work at a conference.

Recipient: Tiana Rust
Program: PhD (Psychology)
Supervisor: Dr. Sheree Kwong See

Tiana attended the Canadian Psychological Association meeting in Winnipeg. She presented a poster entitled, "Caregivers' use of patronizing speech when interacting with persons with Alzheimer's disease".