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Scholarships and Awards in Aging 2012-2013 Recipients

Gyro Club of Edmonton Undergraduate Scholarship in Aging (value $700)

Recipient: Stephanie Riley
Program: Bachelor Arts (Psychology)

Stephanie's future career plans is to focus on promoting specialized mental activities for those individuals who are dealing with the development of dementia. She would like to be able to offer supportive, interactive services to help strengthen their mental acuity and to assist in slowing down the progression of the disease.

Mr. Chi Loo presenting Stephanie Riley with her award.

Gyro Club of Edmonton Graduate Scholarship in Aging PhD Level (value $1200)

Recipient: Christine Daum
Program: Occupational Therapy

Christine is a 4th year PhD student in Occupational Therapy and is expected to complete in September 2013. Through her research she hopes to advance current understanding of how neighborhood contexts influence participation in activities and consequently older adults’ health and quality of life. By practicing community –engage research, she hopes that her work achieves the dual purpose of knowledge generation and action to make a difference to a community’s situation, ultimately improving older adults’ quality of life.

Mr. Chi Loo presenting Christine Daum with her award.

Gyro Club of Edmonton Graduate Scholarship in Aging Masters Level (value $1200)

Recipient: Linzy Bohn
Program: Masters of Arts, Psychology

Linzy is in her 2nd year and studying for her Masters of Arts, Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Sheree Kwong See. Her thesis focuses on Examining time perspective and social goals in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) which explores the question; Does factors such as retrogenesis (the notion that AD reverses the order of acquisition in normal human development) or disorientation in time may result in individuals with AD diverging from the normal aging trajectory of social goals. She will defend by December 2013.

Mr. Chi Loo presenting Linzy Bohn with her award.

WW & HE Trusdale Graduate Award in Gerontology (value $500)

Recipient: Sarah Lucas
Program: MSc (Aging)
Supervisor: Dr. Norah Keating

Sarah presented her poster, “Mapping the Health and Social Consequences of Family and Friend Caregiving” at the Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) in Vancouver.

Ms. Beverly Burns presenting Sarah Lucas with her award.