RRC Members


Douglas P. Gross, PhD - Director since June 2012, Dr. Gross is a methodologist and physical therapist with expertise in quantitative research. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and has led studies with a variety of methodologies including experimental, quasi-experimental, cohort, single study design, and measurement methodologies. His research focuses largely on injured workers with musculoskeletal conditions.


Associate Director   

Sharon Warren, PhD – Dr. Warren is an epidemiologist with specialization in the causes of chronic neurological diseases and the provision of services to persons with these diseases. She is a professor in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and has conducted studies on a variety of topics including normality, measurement, design, incidence, prevalence and mortality, risk and prognostic factors, clinical trials and program evaluation. 


Research Associates   

  • Susan Armijo Olivo, PhD
  • Wonita Janzen, PhD
  • Mary Roberts, PhD