Rehabilitation Robotics

Get Involved


The Rehabilitation Robotics Lab is always searching for partnerships to inspire us and allow us to continue to change the face of rehabilitation. 


We always have opportunities for students of any level to come and learn in our lab. We accept students in the following positions:

  • Stretch experience students
  • Master's students
  • PhDs
  • Research assistants
  • Summer volunteers
  • Semester volunteers

At the Rehab Robotics Lab, you have a unique opportunity to have your ideas heard and supported! If you are interested in joining us in the lab, please contact us at

Become a donor

Without the help of our generous donors, we wouldn't be able to make the groundbreaking discoveries in technology that we have. If you would like to give to the Rehab Robotics Lab, please contact John Voyer, Assistant Dean, Development at or 780-248-5781

A special thank you to our current donors. You have helped us more than you can imagine!


  • Health City
  • AT Innovations
  • Alberta Spine Foundation
  • Motion Composits
  • Kinetisense
  • EON Reality

Tours and student workshops

If you would like a tour or to conduct a student workshop in our lab, please contact The lab is open to student summer camp sessions, such as those run through ATB, LEGO League, and the U of A's STEM Summer Camp and USchool.