Rehabilitation Robotics



VibeDx Diagnostic Corporation was established as a spin-off from technology created at the University of Alberta. Since that time, the company has won the prestigious VenturePrize in addition to securing funding from various competitive and entrepreneurial sources. 

The corporation is a suite of diagnostic technologies for the spine. Our first technology is similar to seismic testing used to locate oil deposits. VibeDx applies vibrations to the spine to detect the type, location and severity of spinal lesions. In cadaveric testing published in the Journal of Biomechanics, VibeDx has correctly identified the type, location and severity of 17 different surgically created lesions in 5020/5040 attempts.

In parallel to its use as a diagnostic during surgery, VibeDx is being developed in parallel as a non-invasive technology to assess spine status before and after surgery.  A recent clinic trial conducted in the largest database of twins in the world showed that VibeDx is able to distinguish human subjects having spinal lesions from who do not.

Our second technology uses a laser-guided roller to apply pressure to the spine so that it’s stiffness can be measured. This technology has been assessed for its reliability  and has shown in clinical trials that stiffness is a responsive measure that changes in back pain patients that report improvements in disability. Presently, we have nine of these units installed globally and are poised to collect large volumes of spine data for clinical trials.