Research Groups

Common Spinal Disorders Research Group

The Common Spinal Disorders (CSD) Research Group in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine was established to improve the current state of knowledge of the causes, prognosis and effective management of common spinal disorders including: 

  • neck and low back pain
  • sciatica
  • disc degeneration and herniation
  • degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis

The Group's focus is on high quality research and graduate training, which address important back health issues relevant to rehabilitation medicine. 

The Group’s researchers come from a variety of disciplines and direct diverse research programs spanning the continuum from basic science to population health. The researchers also maintain multiple international collaborations and interdisciplinary research teams, which foster high quality research and graduate training to address important health issues relevant to the spine and rehabilitation medicine. 

Innovative, efficient study designs, spanning basic science to population health, are used to advance knowledge on the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis and effective clinical management of common spinal diseases. Common Spinal Disorders Research Group (CSD)

Research Staff

Michele Crites Battié, PhD
(P) 780.492.5968

Allyson Jones, PhD
(P) 780.492.2020

Douglas Gross, PhD
(P) 780.492.2690