Renewable Resources


We build a scientific foundation for better management, conservation, and restoration of ecosystems and landscapes. We discover and disseminate new knowledge about forests, rangelands, crops, wildlife, soils and water. Our vision is to develop approaches for a sustained flow of ecological goods and services that achieves a balance between economic and social benefits and the intrinsic value of nature. Through diverse research partners, we use integrated, multidisciplinary approaches and maintain strong ties with land and natural resource managers.

We prepare tomorrow’s leaders to address real world problems in a sustainable fashion. We offer innovative teaching, enhancing our students’ experience with laboratory, field, and off-campus learning environments

Facilities Highlights

The research in our department is supported by state-of-the-art analytical, computing and field facilities. Some are available to researchers from other universities, government organizations, and industry.

Analytical laboratories

  • Natural Resources Analytical Laboratory
  • SWAMP - a metal-free ultra-clean laboratory
  • Stable Isotope Facility for Ecosystem Research
  • Spatial Information Systems (SIS) Lab

  • Field research sites
  • Breton Plots
  • EMEND Field station

  • Distance Learning Room

    The Renewable Resources Distributed Learning Centre is a multi-use, high-tech, smart video classroom designed to facilitate distributed learning, research collaboration, and professional education. It is located in the South Academic Building, Room 1-50.

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    Partnerships & Projects

    The strong partnerships we have established with other academic departments and institutions, provincial and federal governments, NGOs, and industry are fundamental to our success in creating and applying knowledge in support of sustainable management and conservation of ecosystems and landscapes.

  • Boreal Ecosystem Conservation
  • ResFor
  • Canadian Partnership for Wildland Fire Science
  • Southern Rockies Watershed Project
  • Reclamation and Restoration Ecology