Awards and Accolades

The outstanding contributions of our department members to the scientific community and to society is evident from the many prestigious research, service and teaching awards they receive every year from, for example, the ASTech Foundation, Emerald Awards, Wildlife Society, Canadian Institute of Forestry, and many other national and international organizations.

Recent Major Awards

Dr. Rene Belland received the 2017 Canadian Botanical Association "Magister" Teaching Award. The award recognizes plant biologists who have demonstrated a consistently high level of teaching excellence and teaching-related activities over at least 10 years.

Dr. Uwe Hacke received the 2017 David J. Gifford Award in Tree Biology from the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists. The award recognizes those who have made outstanding contributions in tree biology.

The Breton Plots Management Team, led by Dr. Miles Dyck, received the 2015 ASTech (Alberta Science and Technology Leadership Foundation) Innovation in Agricultural Science Award for its research on both grey soils and climate change mitigation.

The Southern Rockies Watershed Project, led by Dr. Uldis Silins, won the 2014 Emerald Emerald Challenge Award for Water. The project brings together a diverse group of natural resource scientists spanning every discipline from headwaters climatology and wildfire ecology to water treatment process engineering, natural resource economics and even sociology to address challenges in managing forested watersheds in the face of disturbance.