Promote an ambitious research and innovation strategy

  • Increase funding for research, entrepreneurship and commercialization.
  • Champion and foster a culture of teamwork and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Advance equity, diversity and inclusion across our research and innovation enterprise.
  • Increase external validation and collaboration for Signature Areas.
  • Develop, nurture and strengthen our innovation capacity and culture, and increase our translation and commercialization activities.


Develop, grow and strengthen partnerships

  • Promote, foster and facilitate interdisciplinary connections and collaborations.
  • Expand and deepen industry, non-profit and community connections and partnerships.
  • Develop strategic national and international connections and cooperation.
  • Improve VPRI engagement with our research and innovation community.
  • Facilitate connections and develop relationships to provide entrepreneurial opportunities and skill development for faculty, students and post-doctoral fellows.


Support, nurture andenable excellence

  • Develop and foster an environment that helps researchers and innovators do their best work.
  • Enhance, integrate and align infrastructure and resources to avoid duplication and silos.
  • Optimize services and streamline processes; make it easier to access VPRI knowledge and services.
  • Innovate: embrace, champion, seek and model change.
  • Strengthen our supports, services, communication and connection with those we serve.


Champion the University’s research and innovation community and culture

  • Foster a resilient and adaptive research and innovation community through engagement and professional development.
  • Celebrate our research diversity, impact and knowledge transfer.
  • In partnership with University Relations and Advancement, position and promote the University of Alberta as a research and innovation powerhouse provincially, nationally and internationally.
  • Advocate for expanded research and innovation impact measures and faculty recognition.

Be a part of it

Share your ideas. Get involved.

Realizing the University’s potential to Explore, Engage, Empower, Excel requires everyone’s participation.

Get involved

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Explore Engage Empower Excel

The University of Alberta has been advancing knowledge and shaping the future through research, teaching and innovation for more than 100 years. Research and innovation are at the core of what we do. It is who we are. Our research has in turn driven many world firsts, helped improve life at home and around the world, educated and trained talented people, and contributed to numerous societal, economic, health and environmental advancements.

We are creators, inventors and innovators. We shape and power the future through knowledge, discovery, creativity and innovation. In 2019, the Vice-President (Research and Innovation) portfolio (VPRI) began a strategic plan and vision process, in consultation with over 400 internal and external stakeholders. The result is an ambitious plan to enhance and guide creative research and innovation priorities and to enhance administration for those we serve.

  1. Promote an ambitious research and innovation strategy
  2. Develop, grow and strengthen partnerships
  3. Support, nurture and enable excellence
  4. Champion the University’s research and innovation community and culture
The vision:
Explore. Engage. Empower. Excel.