Service Standards

Research Services Office (RSO) is committed to providing our research community with excellent service. The service standards listed below are standards that our staff follows to ensure we are providing that excellent service.

The service standards were developed with input from both our staff and also from the campus community including a client survey and feedback at faculty meetings.

Service Standards at Research Services Office

  1. RSO staff will ensure that information available via the Researcher Home Page is current and accurate.
  2. Working in collaboration with each faculty, RSO staff will share information they receive on funding opportunities and deadlines in a timely manner.
  3. RSO is committed to closing projects in a timely manner and handling unspent funds (i.e. return to sponsor or transfer to principal investigator's general research project) in accordance with sponsor requirements.
  4. RSO staff will commence working on new files, amendments and sub grants within ten business days of receiving the request.
  5. RSO staff will send reminders on outstanding items related to the files they are working on with principal investigators and sponsors, at a minimum every two to four weeks.
  6. RSO will provide a speed code and advice notice (or Advice Notice Amendment) within five business days of a file being finalized by agreements staff.