To better understand our volume of work, we report our key statistics to the research community. Below you will find visual displays and definitions of our key statistics which are updated on a yearly/quarterly basis.

At the University of Alberta, the fiscal year is April 1 to March 31. The time span for each quarter is as follows: quarter 1 - April 1 to June 30, quarter 2 - July 1 to September 30, quarter 3 - October 1 to December 31, quarter 4 - January 1 to March 31.

Median Grant Processing Time

Median grant processing time is the median number of days between the day RSO receives the notice of decision on successful awards and the day RSO sets up the research project for spending. This time includes response time from project team members and sponsors in completing the requirements to set up the award. We report this number for each quarter of the current fiscal year and for prior fiscal years.

Research Revenue

Research revenue is the amount of funding received and managed by our office in prior fiscal years.

970 Applications Reviewed in Quarter 3

Applications Reviewed

Applications are the number of grant proposals reviewed by our office. They are a subset of all proposals/projects processed by our office. We report this number for each quarter of the current fiscal year and the total number for prior fiscal years.

Active Research Projects 9150 for quarter 3

Active Research Projects

Active research projects are the number of research projects that were active at the end of the quarter for the current year and at the end of prior fiscal years.