Award Finalization

Award Finalization Deadline

Institutions must provide CFI with award finalization documents within nine months of CFI's notice of decision.

Construction or Renovation Deadline

CFI expects institutions to start the construction or renovation component of a funded project within 18 months of the CFI notice of decision. The following steps must be competed to receive the funding:

  1. All conditions attached to the Notice of Decision (if applicable) must be met.
  2. All partner funding contributions must be secured. Partner funding is consideredsecure when it is received as cash or committed in writing from the eligible matching partner (speed code must be provided for confirmation).
  3. Updated cost estimates (quotes) AND a timeline for acquisition for infrastructure purchases must be obtained. Upon Notice of Decision from the CFI, updated budget figures are required.

    • Contact Supply Management Services (SMS) to solicit new quotes for items over $75,000. There are no exceptions. The UAPPOL Competitive Bid Procedure provides details about threshold dollar amounts.
  4. The Project Management Office (Facilities and Operations) must be contacted if your project has construction or renovation costs included in the budget. The CFI requires updated construction/renovation costing and timelines for completion. Please contact the PMO at 492-5525 to obtain this information.

  5. A finalized budget must be submitted to research serviices for review and submission to CFI. Your Partnership & Institutional Programs team contact will review all quotes, revised budgets and justifications for submission to CFI. Please note that the revised budget must be approved by the CFI prior to the release of funds.

The final stages after submission of the award finalization documents are as follows:

  • Award Agreement: Once all award finalization documentation has been submitted to CFI they will review and if found satisfactory, will provide an award agreement for sign-off. This can take approximately 6-8 weeks from submission of the finalization documentation.
  • Release of Funding: CFI releases funding to the recipient institution once the award agreement has been signed and returned to CFI.

When there is a construction or renovation component in the budget, all equipment funding will be held back until the construction or renovation component that will house this equipment is completed.

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, contact Nancy Kilmchuck or 780-492-1452.