Innovation Fund (IF)

The Innovation Fund (IF) provides investments in infrastructure, across the full spectrum of research, from the most fundamental to applied through to technology development. Projects funded through the Innovation Fund will help Canada remain at the forefront of exploration and knowledge generation while making meaningful contributions to generating social, health, environmental, and economic benefits and addressing global challenges.

 Upcoming Innovation Fund call

In preparation for the next Innovation Fund competition, the Office of the Vice-President (Research and Innovation) has started the process of creating an internal institutional plan to review and select projects to move forward in the next CFI Innovation Fund (IF) competition.

Although the CFI has not yet announced when the next IF competition will be, we still anticipate that a Spring 2022 submission time frame is likely. This timeline is based on the CFI’s plan to release regular competitions at intervals of 24-30 months and the fact that the previous CFI IF submission was in January 2020.

In order to ensure the successful submission of strong IF proposals in Spring 2022, we will be asking potential applicants to submit a Request to Apply form by January 18, 2021. The form will allow the VPRI and various campus units to assess the strength and readiness of each project and to decide which ones are at a stage to proceed towards full proposal development and submission.

Below are the relevant Timeline/key dates between October 2020 - January 2021 related to this process:

  • October 5, 2020: Information Session
    • Click here to watch the information session.
  • October 5, 2020: Request to Apply (RTA) Google form release
    • The internal RTA Google Form is now open and will will close on January 18, 2021 at 09:00 AM. The RTA is available through this webpage and a link will also be shared for circulation within Faculties.
    • The RTA must be completed by the researchers for the selection process.
      • Please note that the RTA form is meant to be a resource for the researchers, and will also be useful as a tool that RSO and the other units involved in the review process will use to screen projects to identify potential risks and provide relevant feedback at various stages throughout the process.
  • January 18, 2021 - 09:00 AM: RTA intake closes
    • Closure of Internal RTA Google Form intake (during the Information session, RSO will advise of any changes to this date).

For sample timelines of what we might expect for this upcoming potential call - please see the details from our previous competition that was submitted in Jan 2020.

Innovation Fund 2022 Competition: UoA Internal Timeline Overview 

Responsible Key Activities Start Date Due Date
Stage 1 - Request to Apply (RTA) 
RSO/Various Units Information Session Oct 5, 2020 Oct 5, 2020
PI/Faculty IF 2022 Request to Apply Form Oct 5, 2020 Jan 18, 2021
Stage 2 - Selection Process (RTA Evaluation)
Proposed timeline TBD Jan 18, 2021 TBD
Stage 3 - Proposal Development
Proposed timeline TBD Spring 2021 TBD
RSO/Various Units Information Session TBD TBD

Contact Information

Nancy Klimczak
Associate Director, Research Administrative Services

Mireille Estephan
CFI Liaison/Contract Specialist, Research Administrative Services

Amin Karim
CFI Coordinator/Senior
Finance Analyst