Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund

Application deadline - August 4, 2020

Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund (CRCEF) is part of the federal government's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. It has 3 funding stages to help sustain research enterprises at Canadian universities and health research institutions.

Stage 1 is to avert or reverse layoffs of eligible research personnel (e.g., research staff, students, post-doctoral fellows).  Stage 1 funds are only for wage support for research personnel whose salaries were adversely affected by COVID-19, and who are paid in part or in whole by non-governmental sources. If a salary is only paid in part by non-governmental sources, only that portion of the salary is eligible for CRCEF relief.

Funding eligibility will be determined on the extent to which research activities linked to non-governmental funding were negatively affected by COVID-19.

Any reduced productivity or interruptions to employment (complete or partial) are considered negative affects, including: restriction of campus workspaces, suspension of funding, absences to care for family members, lack of access to research participants, increased risk related to COVID-19 etc.

Relief for eligible employees is limited as follows:

  • Coverage period is March 15 to August 29, 2020 for 12 cumulative weeks.
  • CRCEF covers 75% of wages up to a maximum of $847/week over a 12- week period.
  • Applicants are responsible to cover the rest of the salary from other sources.

How to apply
IMPORTANT - determine your eligibility before submitting an application.



  • Research personnel and trainees that are funded in whole or in part by non-government sources (i.e., industry, foundation, not-for-profit, philanthropic funds and international agencies).
  • Personnel funded by user fees.
  • Graduate Research Assistant Fellowships (GRAF’s) funded by non-governmental sources.
  • Your staff are not claiming other federal funding programs, including COVID-19 relief programs (e.g., Canada Emergency Response Benefit - CERB, Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy – CEWS) during the CRCEF period.
  • Research personnel who work in research facilities managed by a researcher when those facilities are funded by user fees or other non-governmental sources of revenues. 
  • Research personnel funded by governmental sources (federal, provincial or municipal).
  • Research personnel funded by the University’s operating budget.
  • Employees already receiving relief from other federal funding programs (e.g., Canada Emergency Response Benefit - CERB, Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy – CEWS).
  • Research personnel who work in research facilities managed by a department, faculty or Vice-President portfolio.

2. If you meet stage 1 eligibility and have eligible expenses, submit an application form by the August 4, 2020 deadline.

CRCEF Wage Support Application Form

Please review the CRCEF FAQs or contact Leslie Parsad ( in the Office of the Vice-President (Research and Innovation).

Please note: UAlberta's CRCEF Committee may not be able to provide funding for all applications or positions requested to this program. Moreover, the review will take into consideration equity, diversity and inclusion principles to ensure systemic barriers are not preventing access to funds for equity-seeking groups.