Activate Project Account

Activate Project Account

Once we have the complete package and sponsor approval, we'll set up one of the following for you:

  1. Project-specific account. Most research accounts fall into this category. For these accounts, access to spending is usually permitted once the RSO is aware of the sponsor's unconditional approval or has signed a research contract (some exceptions may apply.) Spending and reporting must be in accordance with sponsor requirements.
  2. Lab or general research services account. For these accounts, access to spending is permitted only after sponsor payment has been received, and there are no expectations about spending or reporting. Learn more about lab or general research accounts.

Regardless of the type of account, if your project requires ethics approval, animal care approval, biohazardous material approval or other certifications, we will not set up your account until we have received appropriate confirmation.

You can monitor the status of your account(s) through the Researcher Home Page.

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