Speed Codes

When we're ready to activate your account, RSO will assign it a unique 5-digit code called a 'speed code'. Your speed code is like a bank account number for a particular research project. Some projects may have more than one speed code, if there are multiple funders, because most sponsors require specific financial reporting about their own funding.

Once you have a speed code, you can start spending from your account. All spending must be in accordance with sponsor expectations and University policies - see the Managing Funds section for help.

Expired Speed Codes

If a speed code does not work, it may have been inactivated due to a project end date expiry or an over-expenditure. Sponsors usually do not permit spending after a project end date. However, the system will allow these transactions to process if the project is still active. Projects are automatically inactivated 10 days following the end date to prevent inappropriate transactions from processing.

If your account is closed, but eligible expenditures have not cleared or your project is not scheduled to expire and a credit balance exists, please contact our helpdesk (rsoinfo@ualberta.ca) for assistance.

Consult the Guide to Financial Management for further information on speed codes, programs and class codes.

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