Conference Project

Terms of Reference

Fund Fund 330 - Research Operating
Purpose This category is used for administering a funds associated with an academic conference.
Sources of Funding

External sources (use 402xxx account codes):

  • Registration fees (402025)
  • Sponsorship revenue (Account 402182). 

Internal sources (use 401xxx account codes):

  • Internal registration fees (indents) 

Transfers (use TCxxxx account codes):

  • Contributions from faculties or departments (Fund 210)
  • Funds from other projects in Fund 330 if authorized by the Project Holder of those funds.
Certifications Pursuant to University Policy, all research involving human participants, animal subjects, pluripotent stem cells, or biohazards must receive appropriate certifications and/or approvals before the research starts.  Required certifications must be maintained throughout the research project or the duration of the specific activity.
External Billings Units must process external billings for these projects using the PeopleSoft Billings module.
Internal Billings Internal billings (i.e. indents) will be prepared by the Department and must be processed via the Department/Faculty’s GLJE user interface. For faculties that do not have a GLJE user interface set up they must complete the Research and Operating: Internal Sale form (Form 5) and send to their Senior Financial Officer for approval and submission.
Financial Reporting None
Donations and Grants Donations and Grants are not permitted except for those conferences that receive a limited amount of restricted grant revenue (see Conference Revenue in the Guide to Financial Management). All Donations must be referred to Advancement Services and all Grants must be referred to RSO.


When sponsorships are provided to a conference, the unit may process the sponsorship revenue to the project.  See Sponsorship Revenue in the Guide to Financial Management.
Indirect Cost Recovery Indirect costs will be assessed on external billings as per UAPPOL.
End Date In order to provide adequate opportunity to process all costs related to the conference, end dates will be no longer than two months after the conference has taken place.  If the conference will take place annually with the UofA as the administrative host, a maximum 5 year term on the project will be established.
Conference Cancellation If the conference is cancelled before it is held, all paid registration fees should be returned.  Sponsorship revenues will be handled based on the terms and conditions in each Sponsorship Agreement.
Unspent Funds Once it is determined that all conference related costs have been charged to the project, any remaining balance will be transferred to the department’s operating budget (Fund 210).
Expense Eligibility

Expenses must be conference related and must be approved by the Project Holder. 

All expenditures must comply with existing University policies and procedures governing the use of operating funds.

Non-Eligible Expenditures

Any expenditure for which the Project Holder derives a personal financial benefit.

Over Expenditures

As per the Research – Over Expenditure (Authorized) Procedure in UAPPOL, over expenditures are not allowed and will not be authorized.

Requesting a Conference Project

Select “Request Create Application/Proposal/Project” on the Researcher Home Page and select Request Type “Conference”.  Procedures to complete this form can be found on the RSO Home Page.


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