Internally Funded Projects

Terms of Reference


Fund 330 - Research Operating


Internal funding from Fund 210 or 100 is often provided for the following purposes:

  • Start-up funding for new faculty recruits in order to establish research labs and programs
  • Internal matching of external awards
  • Other contributions of internal funds to ongoing research activities

Sources of Funding

Transfers (use TCxxxx account codes):

  • Contributions from faculties or departments (Fund 210 or 100)
  • Funds from another Internally Funded Project if authorized by the Project Holder of those funds.

 Note:  All transfers must be approved and processed by RSO


Pursuant to University Policy, all research involving human participants, animal subjects, pluripotent stem cells, or biohazards must receive appropriate certifications and/or approvals before the research starts.  Required certifications must be maintained throughout the research project or the duration of the specific activity.

External Billings


Internal Billings


Financial Reporting


Donations and Grants

Donations and Grants are not permitted. All Donations must be referred to Advancement Services and all Grants must be referred to RSO.

Indirect Cost Recovery


End Date

Maximum of 3 year term. End dates may be extended through an approved amendment request.

If the purpose of the contribution is to match an external award, the end date should align with that award and should not be used for any other purpose.

Early Departure

If the faculty member departs the University prior to using all of the funds, the balance will be returned to the department that provided the funding.  

Unspent Funds

Any balance remaining at the end of the project will be returned to the department that provided the funding.  

Expense Eligibility

Expenses must be related to the Project Holder’s research program and must be approved by the Project Holder. 

All expenditures must comply with existing University policies and procedures governing the use of operating funds. 


Non-Eligible Expenditures

Any expenditure for which the Project Holder derives a personal financial benefit.

Over Expenditures

As per the Research – Over Expenditure (Authorized) Procedure in UAPPOL, over expenditures are not allowed and will not be authorized.

Requesting a Start Up Funding Project

Select “Request Create Application/Proposal/Project” on the Researcher Home Page and select Source of Funds “Internal”.  Procedures to complete this form can be found on the RSO Home Page.


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