Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration

Welcome to the Research Services training page for the new Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration (TAGFA).  In April 2020, the old Tri-Agency guide to financial administration was officially replaced with the new TAGFA.  The TAGFA requires a new way of thinking about use of grant funds as it strives to achieve a balance between compliance and flexibility for research-related expenditure of Tri-Agency grant funds.

The decision-making authority over the use of grant funds is now left to the administering institution as the Tri-Agency steps away from prescriptive lists of eligible and ineligible expenditures in favor of the new principles and directives-based guide.  Institutions are responsible for providing training on the new guide to their research staff on managing Tri-Agency research funds using the new TAGFA.  

Research Services is pleased to offer these training sessions which will provide a better understanding of how to use the new TAGFA’s principles and directives-based approach to post-award administration of grants funded by the Tri-Agency. 

The next training session can be found here.