Falling Walls UAlberta



We are looking for up to 15 outstanding grad students, post docs, and young researchers and/or innovators in all disciplines with ideas that could breakdown walls and improve society. Share your idea in 3 minutes to a panel of representatives from academia, business, the media and government at Falling Walls Lab UAlberta on September 19, 2018 (5:30-8:30 pm). The top two ideas win a trip to Berlin to compete in the international finale on Nov 8, 2018.

Falling Walls Lab UAlberta
A little TEDtalk, a little Dragon’s Den—the Lab is a fast paced format designed to showcase the quality, talent and passion of Next Gen researchers and innovators, as well as share and spread new ideas.

Deadline, application and selection process

The application deadline is August 15, 2018.  The 2-part application process is:

  1. Short online application (personal/contact information, education, publications, awards, CV/resume, and a short summary of your idea).     
  2. 2-minute video (send to FWLab@ualberta.ca). Video application instructions:
  • 2 - 3 mins, but no more.
  • Simple smart phone video is fine. We just want to better understand your idea/research project. Does not have to be slick or polished. 
  • Plain language, elevator pitch style – e.g., pretend you are explaining your research to your grandmother.
  • You must appear on camera for most of video (i.e., cannot just be slides with you talking in background).
  • Email/submit your video to FWLab@UAlberta.ca by the August 15, 2018 deadline, naming it by last name, first name.

**Note: Applications will not be considered complete unless both parts above are completed and submitted. 

Up to 25 semi-finalists will be invited to a special bootcamp to hone their presentation skills via coaching, group training and practice. Finalists will be selected during the bootcamp, and will be offered further coaching to prepare for the September 19 UAlberta Lab.

Screening and judging criteria (equally weighted)

  • Breakthrough factor—how new/outstanding the idea is
  • Relevance and impact—relevancy and degree of impact
  • Structure and performance—clarity and how convincing presenter/presentation is

IP protection & definition of breakthrough idea/project
Applications are confidential and pitches should be high-level and not contain any “confidential" details. Presentations should be simple, explaining the problem being addressed and the vision or potential solution. Breakthrough ideas, research, social innovations or business concepts are defined as original and new, breaking through old ideas/concepts and relevant the world's current issues/needs. It could be a project already realized or an idea, topic or business initiative under development. 

Information, resources and questionsFalling Walls Lab UAlberta is led by the Vice-President Research Office. Questions can be sent to FWLab@ualberta.ca.