Key strengths

Artificial Intelligence

A world leaders for over 25 years—We are AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ability of computers/machines to learn from data. Predicted to be one of the world's most disruptive technologies, AI will transform our world —the way we live and work, and our economic, legal, health, cultural and social environments. By 2025, AI is predicted to touch every industry and create over $50 trillion in economic impact.

Already in your world
AI may sound futuristic but it is already here and you interact with it daily--spam detection, banking and credit card fraud detection, Siri, online shopping and Netflix suggestions. But AI’s potential application is far greater. On the horizon are safer cars, smart prosthetics, smart homes, smart diagnostics and the Internet of Things (IoT)--all are powered by AI. It is also rapidly spreading into healthcare, energy, the environment, the digital economy, manufacturing, transportation, finance and more.

We are AI
Alberta has always been at the forefront of what is now AI and machine learning (ML). From launching Canada’s 1st computer science department to be ranked #3 in the world for the past 25 years. We are 1 of 3 of Canada's national AI hubs and attracted DeepMind, the world leader in artificial intelligence research and application, to establish its 1st international AI research lab in Edmonton. The lab has close ties to the University and is lead by 3 of our AI experts.

We create and apply AI. Creation largely resides in our Faculty of Science's computer science department and our Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute Machine Learning Institute, while application occurs across across multiple faculties. Our AI and ML research is driving new health tech such as smart artificial limbs and smart diagnostics. It's helping optimize water treatment while minimizing energy use, without sacrificing water quality. It's also helping drive advanced manufacturing and the future of transportation with autonomous and connected vehicles.

Sought by major tech and AI partners
Our graduates are sought after by leading organizations, while our expertise attracts industry partners such as Google, IBM, Mitsubishi Electric, Imperial Oil, DeepMind, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft Research, Royal Bank of Canada, Servus, Alberta treasury Branches.

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