Science + Technology

Our researchers research in the natural and physical sciences, engineering, human and animal behavioral sciences, mathematics, and information sciences ask questions and make discoveries about our world, our planet, our universe. The knowledge created help drive advances and innovations in many areas including health, energy, the environment, education, and food production.

Understanding matter, the earth and the universe
What is the origin and structure of the universe or black holes, stars, and galaxies formed billions of years ago? These are just some of the questions our researchers seek to answer. Our space scientists and engineers work with Canadian and international space agencies in Canada and around the world; projects include collecting solar activity data to predict impact on satellite operations and the behavior of materials in micro-gravity. While others are helping unravel the evolution of our earth and its species. UAlberta has specific expertise in mineral deposits, kimberlites and diamonds, ore and petroleum migration, and dinosaurs! Our paleobiologists continue to make new dinosaur discoveries in the field at home, in China, even the Antarctic.

Our physicists study the building blocks of matter, quarks, subatomic forces, quantum mechanics and gravity. The also conduct experiments at SNOLAB, a remarkable facility that enables the detection of subatomic particles created by events in our universe billions of years ago. They are also are part of international teams at CERN, where they lead the experimental design of instrumentation that helped verifying Higgs Boson in 2012.

Unlocking the molecules of life
Proteins and sugars are key to cellular life, health and function. Carbohydrates interact with proteins in ways that allow viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms to attack our cells. UAlberta has built extensive expertise and capacity in proteomics, chemical and cell biology, metabolomics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, nanoscience and computer science which are helping create new therapeutics for human and animal health.

Sustaining earth's plant systems
The earth 'breathes' through its plants, forests and plant biosystems. Our plant plant physiology, structure, genetics, growth and adaptation experts are helping understand how plants and trees respond to environmental and human-caused stresses. Their work also helps make species more resilient and helps creates new biotechnologies, medicinal agents and new plant by-products.

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