Society & Culture

Understanding the past enables us to understand where we came from and how we got here. It can also help us anticipate future potential. Examining social aspects and contexts can help us determine why we act the way we do.

Who we are, Culture, Music, and Art

Examining and understanding cultural, historical, and economic influences, or asking legal and political questions are key to society's health, maturity, prosperity and success. For example, we explore how children can employ new ways to learn and think about foundational concepts, what other aspects are important in ageing besides health factors, while powerful expressions of culture are found in the visual arts, music and theatre.

Law and Justice

The law provides the framework for how our nation and society functions. Our legal scholars shape discussions on how that framework is tested, amended and interpreted. Scientific and technological advances present opportunities as well as challenges; both can outpace our ability to fully understand and respond to social, legal and economic impacts. Therefore our health law scholars identify and examine complex implications of new technological advances on our lives, policies and laws.

Politics, Policy, Economics, Geopolitics

We examine complex social, political, legal, and geopolitical issues ranging from peace and conflict resolution to water rights and law reform. Policies and choices about healthcare, energy, environment, and international relations are shaped by complex social, political, and economic forces.

Indigenous Languages and Cultures

UAlberta has research partnerships with Indigenous people in areas such as culture, history, education, health, language and literacy, social and legal frameworks.