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Rob Burrell receives the Alberta Order of Excellence 

Researcher and innovator Rob Burrell developed Acticoat™, the world’s 1st therapeutic use of nanotechnology. When launched, doctors reported it healed wounds in an unprecedented fashion. It is now the standard of care for burns and is used to treat pressure/venous/diabetic ulcers, chronic wounds and skin graft sites. With Acticoat, people can be treated as outpatients, which improves their quality of life while also reducing healthcare costs.

Acticoat has generated over $1B in sales and is now sold in over 100 countries. It transformed burn and wound care, saved lives and helped millions. Burrell’s innovation also spawned a new microbicidal-coated medical device industry and has immense potential to spawn new pharmaceutical treatments. 

The Alberta Order of Excellence is Alberta’s highest honour and recognizes Burrell’s exceptional contributions to human health and his 'made-in-Alberta' innovations. Congratulations Rob!


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