Royal Society of Canada Medals

Royal Society of Canada Flavelle Medal
For an outstanding contribution to biological science during the preceding 10 years or significant additions to a previous outstanding contribution to biological science.
2004: Brian Sykes, Biochemistry


Royal Society of Canada Lorne Pierce Medal
For an achievement of special significance and conspicuous merit in English or French imaginative or critical literature.
1986: Rudy Wiebe, English and Film Studies

Royal Society of Canada McLaughlin Medal
For important research of sustained excellence in any branch of medical sciences.
2009: Lorne Babiuk, Vice-President (Research)

Royal Society of Canada McNeil Medal
For outstanding ability to promote and communicate science to Canadian students and the public.
2012: John Acorn, Renewable Resources
1994: Margaret-Ann Armour, Chemistry

Royal Society of Canada Innis-Gerin Medal
For a distinguished and sustained contribution to social sciences literature.
2014: Janine Brodie, Political Science


Royal Society of Canada Miroslaw Romanowski Medal
For significant contributions to resolving scientific aspects of environmental problems or for important improvements to ecosystem quality in all aspects (terrestrial, atmospheric and aqueous) via scientific means.
2016: Mark Boyce, Biological Sciences
2009: Stan Boutin, Biological Sciences
1994: David Schindler, Biological Sciences

Royal Society of Canada Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry
Considered the most prestigious award for Canadian chemists.
2015: Robert Campbell, Chemistry
2009: Dennis Hall, Chemistry
2005: Jillian Buriak, Chemistry
2003: Liang Li, Chemistry

Royal Society of Canada Thomas W Eadie Medal
Recognizes major contributions to engineering or applied science; preference given to those with impact on communications, in particular the development of the Internet.
2005: Norman Beaulieu, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Royal Society of Canada Willet G Miller Medal
For outstanding research in any branch of the earth sciences.
1967: Robert Folinsbee, Geology (now called Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)