Discovery and validation of novel biomarkers to predict breast cancer outcomes

We are a fundamental research group investigating breast cancer. Close collaborations with medical experts allow us to explore clinical applications for our discoveries.

We are studying the causes of chemotherapeutic resistance in breast cancer patients. Through these studies, we have identified protein markers that predict breast cancer patient outcomes. We use biochemical, cell biological and physiological approaches to understand how these proteins regulate tumour growth. Additionally, we are investigating novel compounds that may have applications as anti-cancer therapeutics in the future.

Our immediate group is composed of technicians, undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Their projects include:
•    Investigating a small molecule for potential anti-cancer applications
•    Identification of Bik as a prognostic indicator for breast cancer
•    Identification of Bad as a prognostic marker for taxane chemotherapy for breast cancer
•    Investigating mammary gland development
•    In vivo breast cancer models

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