The University of Alberta Prison Project

A study of the realities of doing time in prisons in Western Canada

In this research project we are examining the realities of living and working in four provincial prisons in Western Canada. The focus is on the challenges faced by both inmates and correctional officers. Topics that we are exploring with inmates include such things as issue relating to violence, family histories, substance abuse, programming, radicalization, and gang involvement. Our research on correctional officers includes topics relating to the culture of correctional officers, identifying risky or dangerous situations, security concerns, and their views on possible reforms to current prison conditions.

Our PI's for this research are Dr. Sandra Bucerius and Dr. Kevin Haggerty. We have been aided by a strong and dedicated group fo graduate students who have assisted in this project in various ways. Over the years this had included: Justin Tetrault, Ashley Kyle, Luca Berardi (now Professor Berardi), William Schultz, Marta Urbanik (now Professor Urbanik), Yagmur Karagol, Prof Collins Ifeonu, Shaylyn Hunter, and Maryam Rana.