Global Partnerships


UAlberta continues to develop relations with Mexico, particularly in the area of energy. In 2014, Mexico introduced sweeping energy reforms ending 75 years of state oil and gas monopoly, created a Ministry of Energy Hydrocarbon Fund, and signaled interest in partnerships to address its energy sector’s need for skilled workers, new technologies, projects and policies to further its energy reform.


In 2017, UAlberta received $14.6M CDN from the Energy Hydrocarbon Fund to help Mexico transform its energy sector. One of the first Canadian universities partnering with Mexico on such research. Our joint projects include:

  • A collaboration with the Mexican Petroleum Institute to better understand how oil and gas flows in naturally fractured reservoirs. UAlberta is home to a lab, one of only a few in the world, to use 3D printing to recreate reservoir fractures and rock formations. Rather than relying solely on numerical models, 3D models enable researchers to flow real fluids through and observe their actual behaviour. 
  • Industrial Transformation and Heavy Oil Refining partnership will develop upgrading processes, evaluate oil compatibility/stability and ensure transportation through pipelines and refinery processing. 
  • Professional development and capacity building for government and industry representatives, and academics in technical, regulatory and policy topics applicable to the hydrocarbon sector.

Other collaborations
may exist at the faculty, department and individual faculty member level, including: