Non-Project Internal Review

Deadline for Intent to Declare Participation in an Internal Review: as soon as possible after the funding opportunity announcement is released.

Note: We encourage applicants to declare their intent to participate as soon as possible after the funding opportunity details are released. Engaging us earlier provides a better chance of securing the applicant's first choice of reviewers, including those reviewers who have participated in the relevant peer review process at CIHR.

Interested applicants should email with the following:

  1. Name of the CIHR funding opportunity to which the application will be submitted.
  2. Title of the application and summary of the proposal (<1 page).
  3. Names and email addresses of six UAlberta faculty who may be contacted to participate as reviewers.* It is helpful to indicate the reason for each reviewer's inclusion (e.g. content expert, CIHR peer review committee member).

*Having reviewers with different expertise can be helpful. It is possible to filter the resources database by "PRC List" for a list of UAlberta faculty who have reviewed at CIHR.

Internal Review Meetings: A minimum of 4 weeks before the CIHR deadline.