Purpose: The Health Sciences stream of the Grant Assist Program hosts and builds resources dedicated to developing CIHR applications. Resources include but are not limited to funding award lists, strategic review checklists, data analysis of CIHR competition and funding award data, peer review committee (PRC) member lists, applicant document templates, tip sheets, and workshop Powerpoint slides & videos.

Instructions: Below is the resource database. It can be searched using the search box, and/or using the drop drown menus to filter by competition (Foundation, Project, multiple or other) and item type (as listed above). Each of the columns can also be sorted.
Clicking on the title of an item will most often take one to the UAlberta Education & Research Archive where the items are held. To access the item click "download" (found under on the left side of the item's web page). A new window will then pop up asking if you have a CCID. Click "Yes". Fill in your CCID and password on the UAlberta LogIn page that pops up. The item should then download. Please note that some older versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with downloading materials.

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Abbreviations: PRC, peer review committee; OOGP, Open Operating Grant Program; theme 1, biomedical; theme 2, clinical; theme 3, health services; theme 4, social, cultural, environmental and population health.