Full Application Editing

All sections of a CIHR application may be submitted for editing.


Editing is offered for applications that:

  1. were reviewed and revised based on feedback from either of the University-wide Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) feedback processes (Internal Review or Feedback Debrief),
  2. met all feedback process deadlines, and
  3. if resubmissions, were ranked in the top 40% by the peer review committee.

The Fine Print

Due to very limited resources, the cost of additional hours of editing (more than 10 hours) is the responsibility of the applicant. Additional hours of editing must be discussed with the editor and approved directly by the applicant. First priority for editing through the Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) will go to the completed applications or summaries received first by email. If demand for editing is high, applications received later may not be in time for editing.

To submit an application for editing, please contact Joanne Simala-Grant at jls24@ualberta.ca

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I did not participate in the Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) Feedback Processes. May I still obtain editing of my CIHR application?
A: Editors will be recommended, but due to very limited resources, we provide 10 hours of editing only to applications that were reviewed and revised based on feedback from the Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) feedback processes.

Q: What if my application takes more than 10 hours to edit?
A: After 5 hours of editing, the editor will be able to estimate the additional hours and cost to complete the edit. The editor will contact the applicant to obtain approval to edit beyond 10 hours. If the applicant approves additional editing beyond the 10 hours covered by the program, the applicant will be responsible for the additional cost of editing.

Q: How will I pay for editing greater than the 10 hours provided?
A: The editor will send an invoice to the applicant for the additional hours approved by the applicant. Editing costs for grant applications are not an eligible expense from Tri-Council agency funding, but may be paid from other funding sources such as a professional expense allowance.