Bridge Funding


To support research activities designed to enhance grant proposals that were not funded but ranked highly (second and third sextiles) in SSHRC Insight Grant (IG), Insight Development Grant (IDG) and Partnership Development Grant (PDG) competitions. The bridge funds are intended to help you improve your research, so as to be successful upon re-submission in the subsequent round. They will be granted on a once-in-a-career basis, per competition. [1]


$5,000 per competition. [1]


All criteria must apply:

  • Continuing full-time faculty at University of Alberta (all campuses)
  • You have not previously received bridge-funding from the Office of the Vice-President (Research & Innovation) for that genre of competition
  • You agree to re-submit your revised application in the immediately following competition (or any of the next subsequent IDG, IG or PDG)
  • Your revised application will be peer reviewed pre-submission


Expenditures must be directly related to the research and must be specified and justified in relation to how they will strengthen an application for resubmission to a subsequent SSHRC competition or to another major external granting body. Eligible expenditures must adhere to SSHRC regulations governing the use of grant funds, and may include but are not limited to:

  • salaries/benefits for undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows
  • expenses related to conducting a pilot study
  • travel for archival work, field work and/or conferences (rationale for conference presentations must extend beyond CV enhancement and standard networking opportunities)
  • communications (teleconferencing, long distance phone)
  • consulting fees required for refining and/or revising the research project
  • cost of holding a workshop


Funds must be spent within 12 months of receiving the letter of award. Unspent funds will be recycled by the Office of Vice-President (Research & Innovation) for other researchers.


Funding is offered based on two requirements:

  1. The application must be resubmitted to SSHRC or another major external granting body within a calendar year. Failure to reapply will result in the researcher reimbursing the spent funds to the Office of the Vice-President (Research & Innovation).
  2. Applicants are required to solicit internal peer review before re-submission to SSHRC or another major external granting body.

Queries: Heather Young-Leslie Ph.D.
Director, Grant Assist Program, Social Sciences and Humanities
780 492 0842

[1] For example: you received bridge-funds for an Insight Grant submitted in 2015 and resubmit the IG in 2016. If the IG of 2016 is not successful, you are not eligible for more bridge-funding for the IG competition. If in 2017 you submit a Partnership Development Grant, and are not successful but ranked in the second sextile, you are eligible for bridge-funding for the 2017 PDG. If in 2018 you submit an IDG and are ranked in the third sextile or higher but not funded, you are eligible for bridge funding for the IDG. The GAP Fund is considered a new fund; therefore, if you received bridge funding from the OVP/Research for a Standard Research Grant, you ARE eligible to receive funds for quality applications submitted to the IG, IDG and PDG.