Academy of Reviewers

The Grant Assist Program is seeking faculty with interest in becoming a member of the Academy of SSHRC Reviewers. Interested faculty who wish to volunteer their time will:

  • provide fair, thorough, and constructive written comments to assist applicants to enhance the rigour of their SSHRC proposal;
  • emulate the intellectual critique process of SSHRC Peer Adjudication committees
  • participate in a follow-up meeting (in person or virtually) to discuss how the applicant can incorporate feedback; and,
  • be asked to review two to three grant proposals per competition and to consider participating in additional reviews (e.g. Insight Grant proposal is 6 pgs single-spaced and Partnership Development Grants are considerably longer).

Suggested peer review time periods for the SSHRC competitions of 2018 - 2019 are as follows:

  • Insight Grant: September 8 - 15, 2020
  • Partnership Grant, Stage 2: By appointment, mid Sept to early Oct.
  • Partnership Development Grant: October 23 - Nov 2, 2020
  • Partnership Grant, Stage 1: January 13 - January 27 2020
  • Insight Development Grant - December 18, 2020 - January 11, 2020

This invitation is open to all faculty who have research expertise in the social sciences and humanities. Past experience as a SSHRC reviewer is esteemed but not a requirement. Faculty with the following experiences and attributes are especially encouraged to join the Academy of SSHRC Reviewers:

  • Service to SSHRC as committee member, committee chair, or an external reviewer
  • Success as a PI securing research funding in SSHRC competitions
  • Service to other external award adjudication panels and/or recipient of external research grants
  • Bilingual faculty who can read grant proposals written in French

Your service and collegiality will be acknowledged and appreciated with a letter to your Dean and/or Department Chair. Peer Reviewers may also request up to 1 week's time from one of the casual Research Assistants hired in the Grant Assist Program, to assist you with your own research.

To participate on the Academy of SSHRC Reviewers, or if you have any questions, please contact Dr. Heather Young-Leslie, Director Social Sciences & Humanities Grant Assist Program. S'il vous plaît indiquer si vous êtes en mesure de lire et de commenter en français.