Workshops, Boot Camps, Retreats: Grant-Crafting

Social sciences and humanities researchers preparing a major SSHRC grant (IDG, IG, PDG, PG) may access grant-crafting and mentorship opportunities throughout the year.


Grant application writing retreats provide intense, short term (e.g. one or two days) opportunities to focus on grant writing in an inspirational environment. Two-day retreats include facilitation and discussion, as well as personal writing time. One day retreats are more intense, with less time for discussion.

A retreat is for you if are inspired to write when sequestered in a novel and somewhat isolated environment.


Boot camps provide on-campus, multi-week, writing experiences designed to help applicants complete key stages of a SSHRC application, with the goal of a good first draft of completed grant proposal. Each session focuses on a key element of a SSHRC grant application (e.g. Budget, Detailed Description, Knowledge Mobilization, Student Inclusion, Summary). Members are paired as "critical friends" meaning each participant agrees to read and comment on a writing partner's section and to provide feedback during and between sessions. Each participant is expected to attend all of the sessions.

A writing boot camp is for you if you are interested in specific, respectful, and ongoing feedback from peers and experienced grant writers, if you could benefit from a step-by-step, guided approach to proposal writing. New faculty are especially encouraged to join.


Boot camps and retreats should be thought of as "dates with your writing". Facilitated by the Senior Adviser, Research Development (SSH), participation is limited and registration is secured by a refundable deposit (if you are accepted). Registrants are expected to participate in 100% of the sessions. Please check your schedule carefully before requesting registration.

Registration options are announced via the <sshrcUofA> list. See the Deadlines and Announcements pages for specific application dates.

Most prior workshops' support materials are available in the Resource Bank (See also, the workshop materials archived in the Libraries ERA repository).