Retreats are a valuable way to concentrate on crafting or revising a grant application. If you are the kind of writer who works best in a focused time span, away from distractions of office and home, but with some advising and facilitation from an experienced grant-writer, then a writing retreat is probably for you.

Retreats are generally offered over two days, usually near but not on the North campus. Enrollment is always limited, and acceptance of an application followed by a refundable deposit is required. Partial or 'virtual' participation is never permitted. You must commit to the full session, in person. Expressions of interest and notices of registration are announced on the <sshrcUofA> listserv and via other usual modes of social media.

The Grant Assist Program aims to offer up to three retreats per academic year, depending on popular interest:

Lemons to Lemonaid (ReVision Retreat): The focus is on turning the 'lemons' of the SSHRC Insight Grant adjudication committee's feedback into a sweeter, more successful application in the next round. ReVision is usually scheduled in May or early June (the IG competition feedback usually comes in late April or early May).

PDG Polishing Weekend: usually scheduled for the first weekend in October. The point is to get a good second draft of the Partnership Development Grant ready to share with partners and peer reviewers, in time for final revisions, and well ahead of the November deadline.

Polish Off that IDG!: usually scheduled in late January. The point is to give yourself the time to focus on the ultimate draft of your Insight Development Grant, with a little help from the GAP director and a small cohort of fellow-applicants.

See the Previous Retreats for examples from prior years.

Occasional half-day 'blitz' grant and info sessions may be offered, usually by popular demand. Announcements will be via <sshrcUofA>.

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