REO Mission and Vision

The Research Ethics Office (REO) provides effective, integrated support for and administration of all aspects of the ethics review and approval processes for research involving human participants and research, teaching and testing involving animals. Reporting to the Vice-President (Research and Innovation), REO is the secretariat for the University's human Research Ethics Boards (REBs) and Animal Care and Use Committees (ACUCs) and manages the business processes for the Alberta Research Information Services (ARISE) system. In addition, the office supports the Research Ethics Board Oversight Committee, the University Animal Policy & Welfare Committee and the Committee on Animal Resources and revisions to the Human Research Ethics Policy and the Animal Ethics Policy. REO partners with the Research Services Office to integrate ethics and financial requirements for funded research.

REO Vision

  • To support the highest possible ethical standards in the review and conduct of research and scholarship carried out by University staff and students.


  • To develop and implement policies which uphold and advance the current highest standards for the ethical conduct of research involving humans and animals.
  • To promote a culture of ethical responsibility through education and training of the research and scholarly community.
  • To provide integrated, effective, efficient and compliant systems for ethics review and oversight for University research
  • To support applicants and reviewers throughout the ethics review and compliance processes
REO Organizational Chart