Help & Video Tutorials for Using the ARISE System

Video tutorials or help documents for using the ARISE system (formerly called REMO) are available below, separated for animal use applicants and human research applicants.

** See the description below each video for other helpful information **

Animal Use Application


Other Help


Human Research Application

More System Help

  • "No data to display" - Where did my studies go?

    The Problem: A few users have reported that they sometimes see "No data to display" in their Human or Animal Tab in the Dashboard when they previously had many studies listed.

    Where did all my studies go? Is my login active? Did the system delete my account somehow?

    ARISE functions on a "single sign-on" meaning that if you are already logged in to a uAlberta service with your CCID and password (ie: uAlberta gmail) you will not need to log in to other uAlberta services that use single sign-on, such as ARISE. The system's login session does expire after a period of inactivity and you need to renew the session to continue (via the pop-up notice). If you don't renew the session, you will be required to log in again using your CCID and password.

    The Fix: Assuming you are already logged in to another uAlberta service, Refresh your browser (click ). OR... Close all browsers and try again. Closing the web browser ensures you are completely logged out of any uAlberta service.