REB 2: This Board reviews all interventional research designs including (but not limited to) training interventions for educational, psychological, social or performance purposes; interventions to produce behaviour change; interventions to produce changes in low-risk or non-physically invasive health outcomes (e.g., body composition, physical capabilities) and psychological outcomes. Intervention outcomes assessed by this board might include educational scores, mood or affective change, behavioural change such as smoking cessation, voting behaviour, dietary behaviours, instructor or student performance, athlete or artistic performance, taste preferences, product selection, etc.

This Board also reviews all research where the primary ethics concern is privacy and/or confidentiality. This includes all research where the identification, recruitment and retention of individuals involves access to and/or retention of personally identifiable information. Such research might include (but is not limited to) use of protected lists or registries to identify participants, such as U of A students, or members of a political party; use of information governed by FOIPP law or policy; access research panels held by various industries (such as Ipsos-Reid); or any non-anonymous survey work.

Research applications submitted to this Board can also encompass mixed method applications, which may contain methods covered under the REB 1 portfolio but also contain additional methods and methodologies.

Preparing Your Submission

See the Forms Cabinet for templates and guidelines for your application. 

Meeting Dates

All meetings are held virtually (due to COVID-19).


*Because many of the studies submitted to REB 2 are minimal risk, the board has some flexibility as to when applications must be received.

  • Applications deemed to be minimal-risk will be sent for delegated review as they are received.
  • Applications deemed greater than minimal risk and requiring full board review will be reviewed at the next available meeting. Researchers should aim to submit their applications approximately 2 weeks prior to the meeting date for applications which they suspect, or know, will require full board review.

Members of the Board, who are named as Investigators in research studies, do not participate in discussions related to, nor vote on, such studies when they are presented to the committee.

See templates and guidelines for REB1/REB2
Contact us

For questions related to a specific ethics application, please send an email to the REB Coordinator assigned to your study within the system.

All other inquiries, please contact