Submitting an Application

Preparing Your Submission

When submitting to REB 4 - HREB Biomedical Panel, the following documentation must be attached to submissions (where applicable):

  • Protocol - A formal protocol must accompany the ethics application. Protocol templates are available from QMCR.
  • Project Budget (if funded)
  • Data collection form (case report forms, data elements to be collected) - this information can be included within the Protocol or as separate documents
  • Consent forms - Sample consent forms are available in the Forms Cabinet. Note that these are not intended to be used verbatim, but are provided as guides.
  • Information regarding any drugs or device used (investigator's brochures, product monographs, etc.)
  • Any documentation seen by (or read to) a participant including, but not limited to, recruitment advertisements; information sheets; pamphlets; forms/questionnaires; diaries; online material etc.
  • Health Canada approval (No Objection Letter - NOL, Investigational Testing Authorization - ITA etc.) - if applicable.

REB Review

Principal Investigators (or a named co-investigator) are required to attend the REB meeting at which their application will be reviewed. If a PI or a Co-Investigator delegate is unable to attend, review of the application will be deferred until the following meeting.

Please check the REB schedule prior to making your submission. If the PI will be unable to attend the upcoming meeting, then please wait to submit the application until closer to the deadline for the next meeting that PI is available to attend.

Shortly after the submission deadline, ARISE will generate an email notifying the PI of the time at which their application will be reviewed. Each application is scheduled for 15 minutes of discussion. The length of each REB meeting depends on the number of applications to be reviewed that day and may not be possible for PIs to request a specific time.

If an emergency arises on the day of the REB meeting and the PI is unable to attend, notify the Research Ethics Office (780.492.0459 or

Investigators can expect to hear back about requested revisions arising from the review of the study within 5-7 working days after an REB meeting. Once all outstanding issues have been addressed, the ethics approval letter will be generated and the study team will receive an email notification from the ARISE system that the study has been approved.

Students Applying to HREB

For the purposes of submission to the HREB (both REB 3 and REB 4) a "student or trainee" cannot be listed as the Principal Investigator. Medical Residents, Post-Doctoral Fellows or any post-graduate students are considered a "student" for the purposes of submission.

Student or Trainee researchers should list themselves on the application in the Co-investigator role (Section 1.1. - 9.0) and they should list their supervisor in the Principal Investigator role (Section 1.1 - 5.0). As the Co-Investigator an applicant can create the full application independently. A new application can only be submitted to the REB by the Principal Investigator. However, once the study is initially submitted, all requests for revision and subsequent re-submissions can be managed solely by the Co-Investigator (student or trainee).

For any questions about applying to the HREB please contact the Research Ethics Office, or the Committee Specialists for REB 3 and REB 4.

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External Researchers

Applicants from outside the University may apply to our REBs.

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