Students and Research

Post-Secondary Students

As a leading research and teaching intensive university, the University of Alberta is committed to providing all students with the opportunity to participate in research and creative activities as part of their learning experiences. Trainees typically engage in research, in particular human participant research, in the following ways.

  • Undergraduate and graduate students carry out course-based research projects to develop research skills. These projects are usually broadly defined by the instructor and involve limited human participant research, often in the form of interviews or surveys.
  • Students in honours programs or graduate studies regularly conduct independent human participant research, typically under the direction of an academic supervisor.
  • Many University trainees have the opportunity to be participants or subjects in human research projects conducted by their instructors or other researchers from the University and elsewhere.
  • Finally, trainees, including post-doctoral fellows, who work for faculty members may help in the design and implementation of human participant research, including data collection and analysis.

The ethical issues associated with student involvement in human participant research depend on the student's role in the research activity.

Research with Local Elementary and Secondary Students

The following Edmonton-area school districts are part of the Cooperative Activities Program (CAP):

  • Edmonton Public Schools
  • Edmonton Catholic Schools
  • Elk Island Public Schools
  • St. Albert Public Schools
  • Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools

An application is required to conduct human participant research in CAP districts.