Lab and General Research Services Project

Terms of Reference

Fund Fund 330 - Research Operating

External sources (use 402xxx account codes):

  • Lab service and equipment user fees
  • External revenue from the sale of products and services

Internal sources (use 401xxx account codes):

  • Internal sales and services

Transfers (use TCxxxx account codes):

  • Lapsed residual funds from other research projects, if permitted by the sponsor and there are no further restrictions on the funds.
    • Note: If the amount of unspent funds exceeds 20% of the amount awarded and is also greater than $20,000, the PI is required to explain how the surplus occurred, with the resultant transfer being subject to review by the Research Services Office (RSO) in consultation with the PI, chair, dean and/or sponsor, as needed.
  • Funds from other projects in Fund 330 if authorized by the project holder of those funds.
  • In certain circumstances, a department or faculty may need to transfer funds from Fund 210 into this project as well.
External Billings

Units must process external billings for these projects using the PeopleSoft Billings module. Please contact your faculty finance office if you need more information on how to request a billing.

Internal Billings Internal billings (i.e., indents) will be prepared by the department and must be processed via the department/faculty's GLJE user interface. For faculties that do not have a GLJE user interface set up, they must complete the Research and Operating: Internal Sale form (Form 5) and send to their senior financial officer for approval and submission.
Financial Reporting None.
Donations and Grants Donations and grants are not permitted. All donations must be referred to Advancement Services and all grants must be referred to RSO.
Indirect Cost Recovery 20% of external revenue if indirect cost recovery has not already been assessed by the University of Alberta.
End Date
Maximum of five-year term. End dates may be extended via a request to RSO from the Project Holder, including an email/memo from the home Department or Faculty approving the extension.
Unspent Funds If the project holder leaves the university or the project is not renewed, any unspent funds remaining will be transferred to the PI's department.
Expense Eligibility

Monies in a Lab and General Research Services account are available for research-related expenditures at the discretion of the project holder.

  • All expenditures must comply with existing university policies and procedures governing the use of research and operating funds.
  • Funds may be used for the operation of a research lab or purchase of equipment.
  • Where other research projects held by the Project Holder are over-expended or contain costs considered by the sponsor to be ineligible, the project holder may authorize the transfer of those expenditures to this project, providing those expenditures are allowed under university policies and procedures.
  • Reimbursement of expenses for meetings, educational forums and other similar activities involving staff, students and internal collaborators are eligible expenses from this project if the expenditures are reasonable and support the research program of the project holder.
  • Reimbursement of business entertaining/hosting costs shall be in accordance with the Hospitality, Working Sessions/Committee Meetings and University Employee Functions Procedure.
Non-Eligible Expenditures Any expenditure for which the project holder derives a personal financial benefit.
Over Expenditures As per the Research-Over Expenditure (Authorized) Procedure in UAPPOL, over expenditures are not allowed and will not be authorized.
Requesting Lab and General Services Projects Select "Request Create Application/Proposal/Project" on the Researcher Home Page. Procedures to complete this form can be found here. Please include "Lab and General Research Services" in the project description and provide a budget and scope of work.
Fund 330 - Research Operating