Forms Cabinet

Please obtain the form from this Forms Cabinet at all times to ensure you have the most recent version. The format of the form (PDF, Excel or Word) is noted after each link. "PDF Fillable Form" requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to function properly. For additional help refer to the website Adobe Reader Help.

Research Projects - Proposal (Application), Set-up, Amendments and Transfers

Create Proposals, Sub-grants, Amendments and Over Expenditure Authorization requests via the Researcher Home Page Login.

Special Purpose Projects

These forms are NOT to be used to request a research project.

Signing Authority

External Research Billing

  • Request for External Research Billing (Excel Form)
    • For most research projects, RSO automatically invoices external sponsors in accordance with the terms of the award. In situations where a faculty or department initiates the invoice (i.e., Project Type: RSCSH), this form should be completed in accordance with the attached instructions and provided to RSO. We will create an invoice in PeopleSoft and mail it out to the sponsor/customer.
  • Customer Setup and Update Request (PDF Fillable Form)
    • For new customer/location action requests.

Financial Statement Templates

Canada Research Chairs (CRC)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

RSO Administered Internal Grants