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Individual or groups of researchers conducting research projects within the health sciences.




Up to 5 Years

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Gareth Corry


The CIHR's Project Grant competition aims to advance Canadian health care, health systems, and health outcomes by capturing and developing impactful ideas. It supports research projects conducted by both individual researchers and research groups across various areas of health sciences. Some examples of the areas covered include:

The CIHR's Project Grant competition supports research projects in various areas of health sciences. There are no specific funding limits, but the average grant value awarded to successful University of Alberta applicants in the recent competition was $752,836 over a five-year term.

The competition takes place twice a year, in the Spring (early March) and Fall (mid-September), with two phases: registration and full application. The registration phase does not require institutional approval, while the full application phase does. Proposals are evaluated after the full application phase.

For more information on the Project Grant competition, you can:

  1. Review its ResearchNet page.
  2. Consult the  Project Grant Competition FAQs.
  3. Refer to the  Project Grant Application How-To Guide .

CIHR Project Grant Website

For more information on the Project Grant competition, please visit CHRI Project Grant website for more details.

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RAS offers a range of workshops and events throughout the year to assist researchers with their CIHR Project Grant competition applications. To stay informed about upcoming events, you can visit the Training Events page for detailed information or contact Angela McCormick.

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For information on additional U of A resources available to you for the CIHR Project Grant competition, please contact Angela McCormick or check with your faculty’s Associate or Vice Dean of Research.

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