NSERC-SSHRC Sustainable Agriculture Research Initiative

Key Aspects

Intended Recipients

University researchers in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences or engineering fields collaborating with organizations from the private, public or not-for-profit sectors; college faculty can participate as co-applicants


$500,000 to $2,000,000 per year


4 years


The research partners who will assist with this competition: 

Chris Kazala MSc
Research Partner, VPRI Research Partner Network


Dr. Sylvia Ijeoma Madueke
Research Partner, VPRI Research Partner Network


  • RAS Internal Review Deadline
    • 5 business days before application submission date (Submit application to RAS via the Researcher Home Page)
  • Final Version Submission Deadline
    • By 10:00 am MST on application submission day (Submit final application to the NSERC via their online system)
  • NSERC Deadline
    • Preparatory funding: May 8, 2023, by 8:00 pm (ET)
    • Full project funding: November 8, 2023, by 8:00 pm (ET)


This initiative will fund multidisciplinary, collaborative networks of researchers to address specific research objectives by initiating or accelerating the development of truly transformative solutions, and by mobilizing expertise, technologies and research in social sciences, natural sciences and engineering and in areas that broaden the traditional network of agriculture research partners.

NSERC-SSHRC Sustainable agriculture research initiative Website

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Research Supports Available for this Competition

  • Preparatory fund budget costing example
  • Preparatory funding proposal: one-on-one advice and customized support from Research Partners and CNAS 
  • Full application support - Contact a research partner (above) for details

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