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To gain some clarity on the expected recruitment process for the Canada 150 Research Chairs Program, please read the information below.

Hiring units are expected to use a recruitment process that is fair, open, and transparent, i.e., similar to the approach taken in the CRC Program.  However, given the time available for recruitment, etc. some flexibility to this process would be acceptable.  Given the “rapid response” nature of this initiative, hiring units may choose to submit candidates that have been identified through other recent open and transparent processes that have already been undertaken (i.e., where the C150 opportunity has not been specifically advertised).  Institutions are strongly encouraged to advertise the C150 opportunity and to encourage the participation of individuals from the four designated groups.

From the FAQs:

“How will equity and diversity be considered within the program?


Achieving a more equitable, diverse and inclusive Canadian research enterprise is essential to creating the excellent, innovative and impactful research necessary to seize opportunities and for responding to global challenges. As such, the program is committed to the Government of Canada’s policies on non-discrimination and employment equity.


All institutions’ practices for recruiting chairs are expected to be open, transparent and equitable. Equity and diversity will be given strong consideration in the competition, consistent with the Government of Canada's expectations for a diverse set of awardees. Institutions must demonstrate a strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion in their recruitment and outreach strategies, and ensure equitable access to opportunities available within the research teams that the program will establish. Measures will also be taken to ensure that individuals with career interruptions (e.g., parental leave) are not disadvantaged during the evaluation process.


In addition, measures will be taken as part of the review process to limit unconscious bias. Equity and diversity will be considered when identifying external reviewers and potential committee members for the multidisciplinary review panel. External reviewers will be provided with guidelines on limiting unconscious bias, and review panel members will receive training on limiting unconscious bias.”

From the C150 Website:

“Equitable and Diverse Recruitment and Outreach Strategy


In keeping with the federal government’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, all participating institutions are required to demonstrate that their recruitment and selection processes are based on best practices consistent with the government's expectations for a diverse set of candidates to be put forward to the program. As such, all applications put forward to the program must be based on institutional processes that include the following:


An advertisement consisting of:

•open advertising with a strong and meaningful commitment statement to equity and diversity, and encouragement for persons in the four designated groups to apply (women, Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities);

•acknowledgment of the potential impact that career interruptions can have on a candidate’s record of research achievement; and

•encouragement for applicants to explain in their application the impact that career interruptions may have had on their record of research achievement.


A candidate search and evaluation process by the search committee including:

•significant efforts to identify a diverse pool of potential applicants, which could include tapping into focus groups/associations and organizations;

•a search committee composed of diverse members;

•training for search committee members on the potential negative impact that unconscious bias can have on the career path of individuals from the four designated groups; and

•mechanisms within the evaluation process to ensure that applicants with career interruptions are not unfairly disadvantaged.”