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Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF)

The CFI provides funds to the University of Alberta to cover a portion of the operating and maintenance costs required for the effective and optimal use of CFI-funded infrastructure. The Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) can be used for: technical personnel, maintenance & repairs, services and supplies. 

Please note: supplies should only constitute 10% of your total IOF allocation. 

IOF expenditures are monitored by RSA’s and reviewed for eligibility. Annual reports for IOF’s must be sent to the CFI each year by June 15th. It is important to inform the research support administrator (RSA) on your project of any change in location to CFI purchased infrastructure. 

For details on how a Project Leader can set up the IOF in the Researcher Home Page, please refer to the O&M Plan

For more information on eligible costs, please refer to section 4.7 (page 18) of the CFI Policy and Program Guide.