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Post-Award Management

Introduction and Definitions

The University of Alberta is committed to providing operating and maintenance support for CFI-funded infrastructure for its useful life. View the U of A Plan for the Operation and Maintenance of CFI-funded Infrastructure (PDF).

CFI-funded Infrastructure is "the equipment, scientific collections, computer hardware and/or software, information databases and communications linkages used or to be used primarily for carrying out research, including housing and installations essential for their use and servicing, that has been purchased for the University as part of an approved CFI award."

Operation and maintenance support (O&M) includes advanced technical support, materials and supplies, sustainability, utilities and maintenance, and support for core research facilities.

Useful life of CFI infrastructure is defined as the period of time that the infrastructure remains useful for the purposes described in the CFI funding application. "The useful life of research infrastructure is considered to be the period of time over which the infrastructure is expected to provide benefits and be usable for its intended purpose, factoring in normal repairs and maintenance" (Canada Foundation for Innovation, 2011). Useful life is not equivalent to physical life.