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Decommissioning of CFI-Funded Infrastructure


Most CFI-funded infrastructure is retired from use informally when it is no longer needed for research purposes, non-repairable, or replaced by newer technology. In some cases, to conserve university resources for support of critical infrastructure, the university may choose to formally decommission infrastructure so that it is no longer considered eligible for ongoing support by the Institution. The decommissioning process can be initiated by the project lead(s), the department, the faculty or the vice-president (research) and is subject to approval by the CFI when the decommissioning takes place prior to five years from the date of acquisition or implementation of the infrastructure or facility.


This process may be initiated at the request of the vice-president (research) or by departments or faculties. A template for this purpose will be provided. The following information is required:

  • CFI Project number and budget line item or name of infrastructure.
  • Date of acquisition of the infrastructure or implementation of the facility.
  • If decommissioning sooner than five years from acquisition, the impact on the research project as approved by the CFI.
  • Reason for decommissioning – e.g., no longer required for the research; want to use for non-research purposes (teaching/clinical).
  • Projected timeline and costs of decommissioning. (Note: it is important that contract considerations be properly understood in order to avoid costly severance payments.)

The request to decommission must be signed by the project lead(s), chair and dean and submitted to the Research Services Office (RSO). Note: If the infrastructure is more than five years old and the project lead(s) is not available, the request may be signed solely by the chair and dean. 

Decision-Making Process

RSO will review the request, seek CFI approval as required, and forward the request to the vice-president (research) for final approval.