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Guidance Principles for Operation and Maintenance

The U of A Plan for the Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure funded through the Canada Foundation for Innovation can be found here.

  1. The university is committed to ensuring operation and maintenance (O&M) support for the useful life of CFI-funded infrastructure that is meeting its intended purpose through the allocation of institutional support and through institutional efforts to obtain such funds from external sources.

  2. The vice-president (research) oversees the university's responsibility to provide O&M support, which comes from all levels of the institution, including the project Lead(s), the relevant department(s), and relevant faculty or faculties.

  3. Institutional contributions are first committed at the time of application through the support items within the application budget and the associated sign-off by department chairs, faculty deans and the vice-president (research) and are confirmed by these parties at the time the award agreement is executed.

  4. The university will submit CFI applications that reflect the institution's best efforts and practices to identify accurate and realistic O&M costs.

  5. The vice-president (research) will manage the institution's Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) and Research Infrastructure Support Fund in ways that:
    • leverage common O&M needs across facilities, including those not initially joined by a common application;
    • coordinate with resources available from levels within the Institution;
    • align with the efforts, investments and priorities of the investigator(s), department(s), and faculty or faculties to sustain the infrastructure; and
    • are transparent.

  6. Ongoing institutional support for a CFI-funded facility may cease once the facility has achieved its intended purpose or if the facility is no longer state-of-the art or if key changes to the project team are such that the infrastructure cannot deliver on its intended purposes.

  7. The project leads, the relevant department chairs and faculty deans and the vice-president (research) recognize that the CFI IOF may not be sufficient to operate the facility for its useful lifetime, and are committed to allocating other funds under their control, and to identifying other avenues of support external to the institution to sustain the facilities.

  8. Ongoing O&M for innovative research infrastructure is a collective institutional, provincial and federal effort.