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Institutional support for Operation and Maintenance


For CFI-funded projects, the project lead(s) have the primary responsibility for identifying operation and maintenance (O&M) costs at the time of application, and for planning for infrastructure sustainability, in consultation with their department chair and faculty dean.

Project lead(s) will ask for, and can expect, assistance from the administrative and financial expertise residing at the department, faculty and institutional level. Project lead(s) will develop realistic operational budgets, including all of these components for the review and approval of their Department heads prior to application submission.

In signing the application, the applicant’s chair and dean agree to their commitments for operating funds as indicated in the budget.


At Application, the project lead(s) will:

  • identify the amount and type of funding needed and sources of additional revenue that may be brought to bear on operational costs.
  • provide realistic and obtainable options for finding the necessary funding, recognizing that the specific minimum amount of the CFI Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) funding secured by the application that will be available for this purpose may not be sufficient to cover all costs associated with the infrastructure.
  • will appropriately complete the O&M budget in the application form, including proposed sources of funding.

At Award Agreement, the project lead(s) must confirm the operational budget and acknowledge the necessity for Departmental and Faculty commitment to operate and maintain the infrastructure for its useful life or until the facility is decommissioned. 

Decision-Making Process

At application, the department and faculty are expected to review and understand the commitments in the budget. The signature of the chair and dean/associate dean (research) on the Application Signature Page indicates that the costs and revenues are appropriate and a commitment of their support.

In completing the CFI Award Agreement, the university confirms and commits to providing O&M costs. The Award Conditions form must be fully completed and signed by the project lead(s), the department chair, and the dean/associate dean (research) committing the Institution to "ensure that appropriate resources are provided for the operation and maintenance of the CFI-funded research infrastructure over its useful life (i.e., the period of time over which the infrastructure is expected to provide benefits and be usable for its intended purpose, factoring in normal repairs and maintenance)" (Canada Foundation for Innovation, 2010).

It is the responsibility of all signatories to understand and ensure that O&M funds are available.